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Pompei, Yellow ZTL for Long Vehicles: the new plan starts


From 1 March 2017 A NEW initiative starts. It concerns the access of the city center of long vehicles more than seven meters.
Special signage is planned for motorway exits, alternative routes, temporary stalls and chek points in piazzale Falcone and Borsellino. Free exemptions and passes for residents and means directed at commercial or industrial activities in the city.

Long Vehicles and “Yellow Ztl”: From March 1, 2017, the new plan of the Municipality of Pompeii. The institution has elaborated a detailed plan to limit access to the city center of vehicles over seven meters long, providing special signage, temporary stalls and checkpoints. Publiparking, selected by the City of Pompeii through a public bid to collect ZTL access fees, after a period of comparison with the Municipal Authority, the Local Police and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, is ready to give Away to the initiative.

In detail: The Yellow Ztl corresponds to the Limited Traffic Zone for long vehicles which exceeds seven meters, and it provides the same access rates for all vehicles with these features. The need was to place a checkpoint easily accessible by the vehicles outside the Yellow Ztl. The automatic cash box will be eliminated in Porta Marina Inferiore square, located inside the Ztl, because it is virtually inaccessible to users without passes.

The operations office will be located in the Falcone and Borsellino square: here four buses will be set up for free with a ten-minute timetable, ie the time needed to issue the check at the checkpoint.
The Access Pass will also be available online on the site with the possibility of paying by Credit Cards or Bank Transfer.
On the A3 motorway, with the authorization of the ” Società Autostrade Meridionali “, the signage will be installed with the indication of the recommended exit for vehicles without pass at the “Pompei Est-Scafati” toll booth. At the “Pompei Ovest” exit of the A3 will be realized an alternative route for vehicles that don’t have Pass and intend to access the Yellow Ztl but.

The Limited Traffic Area will be supervised by Publiparking staff and, where possible, by the Municipal Police: pending the definitive release by the Ministry of the approval decree for the operation of automatic access detection systems (Telecontrol gates). Unauthorized vehicles will be sanctioned, as provided by the Road Code, and will be subject to a further administrative penalty equal to twice the standard fare. Access Controls will be made after a 60-day tolerance period, or from 1 March to 1 May 2017, during this time no there won’t be any: payment of the fee will due in any case also during the trial period, during which activities will be promoted and information about the operation of the Yellow Ztl.

Some will be exempt from the payment, requesting the appropriate pass: buses carrying passengers housed in hotels in the municipal area; Long vehicles belonging to residents or to commercial enterprises with headquarters in Pompeii, without passengers or with a maximum only one person; The vehicles used for the carriage of goods, only if they are directed towards the insistent commercial and industrial activities within the perimeter of Pompeii at the time allowed for loading and unloading goods.

For the free pass you will have to complete a self-certification at the checkpoint oron line.

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